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AT89C52 Controller Board

AT89C52 Controller Board

Our AT89C52 Controller Board, includes a pre-installed AT89C52-24PC Atmel Microcontroller, running at 11.0592MHz. This board is ideal for embedded applications and general purpose controllers. Easy to connect and interface with existing equipment. Microcontroller can be programmed by a standard Atmel programmer, out of circuit.

On-chip 8kbytes of Flash Program Memory and 256 Bytes of RAM. 82C55 IC included providing 24 I/O points wired to easy to connect headers. DS1232 Active reset and watchdog pre-installed for microcontroller monitoring. Board also includes sockets for a Real Time Clock, RS485 Communication and LCD connection. Two switch inputs and on-board speaker are pre-installed on the board. Board power supply is +5V dc, via a polarized power connector, visual power on indication via LED.

Part Code: AT89C52CONT


  • AT89C52-24PC Main Controller with 8kb of Flash Memory
  • 8255 I/O Port with 24 I/O bits
  • DS1232 Watchdog and Active Reset
  • RS232 Computer Connection (MAX232)
  • Real Time Clock (DS1307 option)
  • RS485 Communication (75176 option)
  • LCD Port
  • Speaker On-Board

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