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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. Basic, Easy to Build Kits for General Applications as seen in Silicon Chip and Renew. Need Help.


Car Battery Monitor

Car Battery Overvoltage Kit

Great new Car Battery Monitor Kit, gives a quick and easy indication of battery voltage as well as an audible alarm when the voltage falls below 12V. Ideal for a solar system or other battery back-up system. The kit is easy to assemble and comes with full instructions, unit is also supplied with a preprogrammed PIC16F819. Goto Car Battery Monitor Kit
arrowAlso Available: PIC Microcontroller Books


Silicon Chip - March 2017

Silicon Chip - March 2017

The March Issue of Silicon Chip has just arrived, with the new Pool Lap Counter. This new design features a large easy to read display and an easy to build touch sense pad, plus up to 12 hours of continuous operation. The unit is easy to build and can be mounted using easily available suction pads. Also this month, build the Stationmaster, walk around throttle for model railways. This unit is for standard DC drive engines and features smooth acceleration together with inertia adjustment plus an emergency brake.
In this month's features, a look at very large monitors for your computer, as well as the second part of learning how to program your Micromite module. Goto Silicon Chip.


Mini Maximiser

Mini Maximiser Kit

Improve the performance of your motors and pumps, running on a solar system. Ideal for remote irrigation and windmill systems, where motor starting may be a problem. This kit comes complete with all parts and detailed instructions for use and application. Goto Mini Maximiser Kit

arrowAlso Available: Motor Controller IC's

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arrowCar Battery Monitor
arrowMini Maximiser
arrowCan Node

Value Packs


arrow1/4W 300pc's for $2.95
arrow1/2W 300pc's for $4.95


arrowCeramic 200 for $2.95
arrow100 Electro's for $3.95
arrowMulti. 100 for $3.95


arrowLED's 100 only $4.95


arrowDiodes 100 for $2.95

Linear IC's

arrow50 Linear IC's for $5.95
arrow50 Regulators for $9.95

IC Sockets

arrow100 Sorted only $5.95

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