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Car Battery Monitor Kit

Car Battery Monitor

Our very popular Car Battery Monitor Kit is still available. This great little kit gives a quick and easy indication of battery voltage as well as an audible alarm when the voltage falls below 12V. Ideal for a solar system or other battery back-up system. The kit is easy to assemble and comes with full instructions, unit is also supplied with a preprogrammed PIC16F819. Goto Car Battery Monitor

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Silicon Chip

Silicon Chip - February 2016

Still in stock, a number of Silicon Chip magazine back-issues. Learn and build a wide variety of projects using standard electronic components and also microcontrollers. In this February 2016 issue, build a complete MPPT Solar Charger, to maximize the amount of energy being received and stored in your batteries. Goto Silicon Chip 2016

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Smoke Sensor Module

Smoke Sensor Module

Just Arrived, a wide range of small modules and shields for your Arduino® or Raspberry Pi™ board. These inexpensive, easy to use modules are a great way to add a wide range of sensors and output interfaces to your microcontroller board. A wide range of sensors are available for Temperature, Light, Moisture, Vibration, Obstacle Avoidance and much more. Goto Microcontroller Modules

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ATmega328P Mounting Base

Mounting Base for ATmega328P

Easy to use mounting base for the ATmega328P microcontroller board. Easily interface and add a wide range of modules to this very popular board. This board includes the necessary power supply components for converting to 5Vdc to power the board, as well as an on-board reset pushbutton and plenty of headers for easy connections. Goto ATmega328P Mounting Base

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