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Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board

Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board

Zilog Z51F6412 Microcontroller

Z51F6412 Microontroller Board - Top View

Introducing our new high performance Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board based on the latest Z8051 Microcontroller from Zilog®. This latest controller is based on the prolific MCS51 Series of Microcontrollers, which have dominated the market since the first microcontrollers were released. This latest design provides a large program memory, with plenty of SRAM and XRAM also included, as well as a high-performance arithmetic unit for 32 bit multiplication in a single cycle, together with highly-accurate 12-bit A/D Converter and much more. This compact board is ideal for replacing similiar MCS51 boards and can be easily programmed using a range of C compilers and programming tools.

The Z51F6412 Microcontroller board features in-circuit program download and debugging, using our easy to use ET-Z8051 Debugging and Programming Unit. Single-stepping through programs is possible with set break points and watch values, together with monitoring of the current register values. The board has a huge total of 66 general I/O points, which make it ideal for the largest control applications. All the port pins are brought out to standard IDCC Headers and connection can be made easily with standard IDCC plugs. Two UART's are connected to a standard RS232 driver IC, for easy computer interfacing and programming. The board also supports I²C and SPI Communications. The board is powered by a standard +5V supply, with a 3.3V regulator included on board with all the necessary power supply components included. Output LED and Test Pushbutton are included on the board together with a software controllable buzzer for warning indication and status feedback.

The Zilog® Z51F6412 microcontroller is one of the most powerful MCS51 Series Microcontrollers on the market. Featuring a massive 64k of Flash Program Memory, suitable for most embedded applications. The microcontroller also includes 256bytes of SRAM and 3kbytes or XRAM, for temporary storage of data values and also for permanent values to be retained when the power is disconnected from the board. A highly accurate fifteen channel 12-bit A/D convertor is included, making the system ideal for reading real-world monitoring and analog data. Four channels of 16-bit PWM are also available, together with a real-time clock. The Z51F6412 core is a high throughput 8-bit CISC processor, with a number of power saving modes.

Our new Z51F6412 Microcontroller Board, is ideal for those looking for a powerful MCS51 Controller with large program memory and highly accurate 12-bit A/D input. This board is ideal for use in wide range of real-world embedded applications.

Part Code: Z51F6412CONT


  • Includes High Performance Zilog Z51F6412 Microcontroller with 64kb Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed at up to 16MHz
  • In-Circuit Programming with ET-Z8051 Debugging and Programming Unit (Available Separately)
  • A massive 66 I/O points with easy to connect standard IDCC Connectors
  • Two RS232 Connections
  • 256 Bytes of SRAM and 3K Bytes of XRAM
  • 15 Channel High-Accuracy 12-bit A/D Convertor
  • High Performance Integral Calculator
  • Eight 16-bit Timers and Two 8-bit Timers
  • Integral Watch Dog Timer with Brown Out Detect
  • Power and Test LED
  • On-Board Buzzer
  • Reset Button
  • Four 16-bit PWMs and One 10-bit PWM
  • Ideal as an 8051 Compatible Embedded Controller

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