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Hello. Welcome to Futurlec. The ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Superstore. A Huge Range of IC's, Transistors, LED's, Relays and Much More all at the Best Prices. Need Help.




Futurlec carry a huge range of hard to find EPROM's, EEPROM's, Flash Memory IC's and RAM IC's all at very competitive prices. Including discontinued EPROM's such as the 27C160, 27C128, 27C256, PLCC Types, 29F040 and EEPROM's from Microchip and Atmel. ZIF Sockets, EPROM Programmers and IC Sockets are also available. To EPROM's


Star LED's

High Power Star LED

Great new range of Star LED's in 1W and 3W types in various colors, including White and Warm White. Prices start from only $2.50, ideal for a wide range of projects, including outdoor lighting, torches, and solar lighting applications.
To Star LED


Red-Green-Blue 8x8 LED Matrix

Red-Green-Blue 8x8 LED Matrix

Just arrived our exciting new 8x8 Large Red-Green-Blue LED Matrix, this large unit can produce a wide range of colors and is ideal for an attractive moving display or a large screen visual display. Utilizing ultrabright led's in a common cathode display, the unit can be controlled by a microcontroller or with a control board. These units normally sell for over $20, available now for only $10.90
Also available Square LED Matrices, LED Clusters, LED Bargraphs and much more. To LED Matrix


Rotary Potentiometer

Rotary Potentiometer

Futurlec carries a huge range of various rotary potentiometers, including Log, Anti-Log and Linear Types. With various types of shafts, including knurled and D-Type Shafts. Dual type are also available for stereo amplifiers and adjustable power supplies. Prices start from an amazing $0.55 each and can supplied in bulk quantities.
Goto Potentiometers - Rotary Potentiometers


LED Replacement Lamps

LED Replacement Lamps

Just arrived, our low cost, long life LED Lamps. These lamps replace normal incandescent lamps and offer much longer life as well as improved brightness. Never need to replace a torch globe again with these lamps, offering 100,000+ hours of use. We carry a large range of the lamps in many colors, also available are the MR16 halogen replacement lamps, ideal for bike lights and household down lights. Goto LED Lamps


SOIC, LQFP and SSOP IC Adapters

48 pin LQFP Adapter

Futurlec carry a huge range of SMD IC adapters for those difficult to mount SMD parts. Easily convert many of the IC's that are now only available in SMD types, to easy to mount dip and through hole mounting. Adapters from 8 pin SOIC IC Adapters to the larger 144 pin TQFP adapters are all available. Prices start from only $0.50 each and large quantities can be supplied. To SMD Adapters


Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays

We've expanded and reduced the prices on our large range of Solid State Relays. New DIP types are now available, as well as DC/DC solid state relays for power switching applications including battery supplies. AC types are available up to 70A, suitable for mains power switching. Save heaps on our solid state relays, most relays are 60% off prices elsewhere. To Relays - Solid State

New Components

Microchip PIC16F1459
Whistle Key Finder IC
HT8950 Voice Modulator
Arduino Headers
Star LED Driver
Microchip PIC12F1840
6 Pin SOT23 Adapter
12V Festoon Lamps
60sec Voice Record IC
MCP9800 Temp. Sensor
RGB 8x8 LED Matrix
Smoke Detector IC
New PIC12F1882
Blue 16x2 LCD
Atmel ATMega328P
ATTiny4313 IC
CS4340 Stereo DAC IC
PCA9564 I2C Bus IC
ADE7755 Metering IC
OP37 Precision Op-Amp
IRF9530-3 Mosfet's
MM5453N LCD Driver IC
L294/L295 IC's

Value Packs


 1/4W 300pc's for $2.95
 1/2W 300pc's for $4.95


 Ceramic 200 for $2.95
 100 Electro's for $3.95
 Multi. 100 for $3.95


 LED's 100 only $4.95


 Diodes 100 for $2.95

Linear IC's

 50 Linear IC's for $5.95
 50 Regulators for $9.95

IC Sockets

 100 Sorted only $5.95

Components Bestsellers

1/4W Resistor Pack
Rotary Potentiometers
Microchip's PIC16F877
16x2 Character LCD
HFD Dip Relays
8 pin SOIC Adapter
3mm Red LED
7805 +5V Regulator
5x8 LED Matrix
LM555 Timer IC

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