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ET-Easy328 Controller

Our ET-Easy 328 Controller, features the ATMega328 Microcontroller with the pre-installed Arduino bootloader. Programs can be downloaded through a RS232 Connection or through the USB Port with a separate adapter. Programming code can be developed quickly and easily with the Arduino programming language. A wealth of ready to use programming modules and code are available, directly from the Arduino website at www.arduino.cc

A total of 20 I/O points are available, with 14 digital I/O points for either input sensing or output control. The controller also includes 6 Analog to Digital Converter inputs with 10-bit accuracy. The AD values stored can be read easily with the programming language and various control sequences initiated depending on the states of these inputs.

The Arduino programming language is an easy to learn microcontroller programming language based on the C language and simple programs can be created in just a few lines of code. Programs can be easily transferred to other boards or modules, without the need to change vast sections of the code. The programming software is available for free from the Arduino website and this can be run on Windows, MAC and also Linux machines. A stack of examples and training programs are also included.

Our ET-Easy328 Controller offers great value for a basic, easy to use controller that can be used quickly in many real-world applications without the need to spend a lot of time learning assembly programming or becoming an expert in microcontrollers.

Part Code: ETEASY328


  • Includes Atmel ATmega328 Microcontroller with 32kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • Supports Direct Downloading of Arduino Project files (Bootloader Installed)
  • Direct In-Circuit Program Download with RS232 Connection (Download through USB with RS232 to USB Converter)
  • Up to 20 I/O points
  • 6 Channels 10-Bit A/D Converters
  • SPI and I²C Supported
  • Power and Test LED
  • Reset and Test Button
  • 7-10V DC Power Supply
  • Small Compact Board
  • Plenty of Ready to Use Programs and Programming Guides from the Arduino Project
  • Ideal as an Interchangeable Controller for Real-Time Systems

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