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Basic Controller Board

Available now, our SX48BD Basic Controller, featuring the SX48BD Microcontroller with on-board programming and debugging capabilities. Programs can be developed using easy-to-learn PBasic with only 61 high-level BASIC commands, with direct hardware support for SPI, I²C, 1-wire communication and LCD devices. Programs can be developed quickly and easily with the free compiler and a host of design examples available.

The SX48BD Microcontroller is loaded with features, including a real-time clock, support for SPI, I2C and PWM. High-speed single instruction cycle microcontroller core, internal EEPROM, 2 general purpose timers and an analog comparator. Programs can be downloaded directly from the compiler and stored in the external eeprom. A total of up to 4000 lines of program can be written and stored, allowing large applications to be prepared quickly and easily.

All the necessary support components are included, with a +5V regulator, highly accurate 20MHz crystal and Reset button. Standard easy to connect 10 Pin IDCC Headers are included on the board for I/O termination. A standard LCD connector is provided with adjustable contrast, suitable for 16x2 and larger character LCDs. Power and test LEDs are pre-installed on the board.

Our Basic Controller is ideally suited for the student or hobbyists wanting to develop a control project quickly and easily. With easy to learn basic commands and direct support for a wide range of hardware interfaces, this board is a great starting point into the world of embedded controllers and microcontrollers.



  • Includes Parallax SX48BD Microcontroller capable of being programmed in PBASIC
  • Operating Speed at 20MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming with RS232 Port
  • Up to 32 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
  • External 32kbyte EEPROM capable of storing up to 4000 lines of Program Code
  • Character LCD Connector with Contrast Adjustment
  • Only 61 PBasic Commands to Learn
  • Power and Test LED
  • Reset Button
  • Power Supply Components Pre-Installed
  • Ideal as an Easy to Use Basic Controller