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dsPIC30F2010 Controller Board

The compact, inexpensive dsPIC30F2010 Controller Board is ideal for motor controller applications. Utilising the powerful, high-performance Microchip dsPIC30F2010 microcontroller, this microcontroller features a high speed core optimized to perform complex calculations quickly. The microcontroller includes 12kB internal flash memory and a wide range of timers together with a number of PWM modules for adjustable motor speed control.

The dsPIC30F2010 Microcontroller also includes a 5-channel 10-bit A/D convertor with fast response time together with support for SPI and I²C communication. In-circuit programming is available for both the Futurlec PIC Programmer as well as the Microchip ICD2 unit. Programs can also checked and debugged with the Microchip In-Circuit Debugging tool, the ICD2. The microcontroller also includes RS232 support, for direct connection and data transfer with a laptop or computer.

The dsPIC30F2010 Controller board also includes a large number of general I/O points with standard header connections for easy connection to external devices. All the necessary support components are included on the board, together with a Power and Programming LED's for easy status indication. A reset switch and prog/run switch is provided, with a LCD connection provided for standard character LCD's, together with contrast adjustment for easy set-up.

Our new dsPIC30F2010 Controller is the ideal solution for use with robots and other motor control applications where high speed calculations are required together with the necessary motor control support. The small compact size of this dsPIC30F2010 board together with it's light weight, makes it ideal for mounting on robots and autonomous remote control vehicles.

Part Code: DSPIC30F2010CONT


  • Includes High-Performance Microchip dsPIC30F2010 Microcontroller with 12kb Internal Flash Program Memory
  • Operating Speed at 29.4912MHz
  • Direct In-Circuit Programming and Debugging with Microchip® ICD2
  • Up to 19 I/O points with easy to connect standard headers
  • RS232 Connection with MAX232
  • Internal EEPROM
  • SPI and I²C Communications
  • 5 Channel 10-bit A/D Convertor
  • Three 16-bit Timers
  • Power, Programming and Test LED's
  • Reset Button
  • LCD Connection with Contrast Adjustment
  • Ideal for Motor Control Applications

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