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New STSPIN820 Stepper Motor Driver from STMicroelectronics

New High-Precision Stepper Motor Driver Delivers Higher Precision and Smoother Operation

STMicroelectronics new STSPIN820 IC enables the next generations of stepper-motor-based robots to achieve even greater smoothness and silence, with smaller size, greater precision, and lower power consumption. With its high-speed inputs and precise micro-stepping algorithm, it can turn a motor by a fraction of a degree to move a 3D printer’s head at a speed of more than 500mm/s, with submicron precision to create parts very quickly and with incredible surface finish, or control extremely precise movements like sample loading, capping/decapping, and storage/retrieval in hi-tech clinical automation systems. Other motor-driven medical equipment such as plate handlers, blood analyzers, fluid pumps, and respirators can be quieter, more compact, and cost-effective.

Click for Larger Image - New STSPIN820 Stepper Motor Driver from STMicroelectronics Measuring just 4mm x 4mm, and containing both the control intelligence and fully protected power components (rated 45V and 500mΩ RDS(ON)) for driving the motor, the chip is the world’s smallest complete high-precision controller. Manufacturers of automation equipment can simply place the device on the controller circuit board, with minimal additional parts needed to complete the system, to save space and enhance system reliability.

“The STSPIN820 can help innovators in precision automation continue delivering improvements,” commented Domenico Arrigo, General Manager, Industrial and Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics. “Its high precision, small size, and low power consumption help simplify high-accuracy motion control for many other types of equipment, including textile and sewing machines, surveillance equipment, cash-handling machines, office and home automation, and point-of-sale (POS) terminals.”

Features of the STSPIN820 Stepper Motor Driver

  • Operating voltage from 7 to 45 V
  • Maximum output current 1.5 Arms
  • RDSon HS + LS = 1 Ω typical
  • Microstepping up to 1/256th of step
  • Current control with programmable OFF time
  • Current sensing based on external shunt resistor
  • Full protection set
  • Non-dissipative overcurrent protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Undervoltage lockout
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Standby low consumption

For more information on the STSPIN820 Stepper Motor Driver, visit the ST Website at STMicroelectronics STSPIN820 Stepper Motor Driver product page

The company's Web site address is www.st.com.
[Reprinted with kind permission from STMicroelectronics - Release Date 27th November, 2017]