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New Advanced Car Radio IC-tuner Family from STMicroelectronics

Complete Hardware Platform for Single Channel AM/FM Tuners to Multi-Tuners with Digital Radio

Manufacturers of car radios will be able to maximize their product-development efficiency and minimize their final product cost with the new STAR (ST Advanced Radio) IC-tuner family from STMicroelectronics, a world leader in car radio and car infotainment devices.

The STAR-T (TDA7707, Two-channel) and STAR-S (TDA7708, Single-channel) devices provide a uniquely scalable terrestrial radio-receiver platform for car-radio applications.

This latest evolution of ST's successful car-radio tuner portfolio allows customers, for the first time, to develop a single hardware platform that addresses all car-radio segments and geographical regions, instead of designing multiple products that use different hardware and software combinations. The STAR family enables customers to produce car radios that range from the simplest single-channel AM/FM to multi-tuner, multi-standard (DAB/HD-RadioTM/DRM-ready) architectures with a single PCB layout.

The TDA7707 is a monolithic dual-channel quad-band tuner that supports a variety of radio-receiver architectures including FM Phase Diversity, FM + Background FM/AM, and FM/AM + Background RDS/TMC2. In association with an external co-processor, it also supports the reception of digital-radio broadcasting standards such as HD-RadioTM and DAB. The TDA7708 is the single-channel member of the platform, with full hardware (pin-to-pin) and software compatibility that allows easy scalability to two-channel systems.

Housed in a compact QFN64 (9x9x0.85 mm) package, both devices feature DSP-intensive radio-signal processing for highest-quality reception in all field conditions, minimum external component BOM, and interfaces to external Digital Radio decoders. They are supported by evaluation kits and HW/SW documentation to minimize customers' time-to-market.

Features of the TDA7707 Car Radio Tuner IC

  • AEC-Q100 qualified
  • Dual AM/FM reception with digital IF processing
  • Digital radio support for dual-channel HD-Radio™ and DAB/DRM reception through external coprocessor
  • Integrated phase antenna diversity processing
  • Fully integrated dual VCO for world tuning
  • High performance PLLs for fast RDS system
  • Integrated IF-filters with high selectivity, dynamic range and adaptive bandwidth control
  • Drift-free and alignment-free digital IF-signal processing with high performance and flexibility
  • Integrated RF switch matrix in FM
  • RDS demodulation with group and block synchronization
  • Filtered MPX for VICS applications
  • High performance stereo decoder with noise-blanker
  • Analog DAC stereo output and I²S digital output
  • I²S, JESD204B, LVDS, high-speed digital I/Q base-band interface
  • I²C/SPI bus-controlled
  • Single 3.3 V external supply

For more information on the TDA7707 dual-channel quad-band tuner, visit the ST website at STMicroelectronics TDA7707 product page.

The STMicroelectronics website address is www.st.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from STMicroelectronics]