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NXP Releases New High-Performance Single-Chip AM/FM Radio Tuners

New Car-Radio Tuner chips, combine superior tuner performance and easy integration

NXP have just released the TEF665x and TEF668x, the next generation of its successful family of RFCMOS-based, high-performance AM/FM single-chip car radio tuners. The TEF665x and TEF668x tuners combine the latest RFCMOS technology with a broad feature set, best-in-class software algorithms and simplified integration, offering a high quality solution for car radios. Providing OEMs with increased flexibility, the tuners offer optional support of HD Radio and DRM digital radio standards via a NXP co-processor such as SAF356x and SAF350x. With a significant reduction in footprint (-80%) and power dissipation (-50%) compared to its predecessor, the tuners provide high performance at a low system cost, ideal for emerging and high-growth markets such as the BRIC countries.

NXP Release New High-Performance Single-Chip AM/FM Radio Tuners NXP maintains a strong focus on improving reception quality in challenging field conditions, including multipath reception caused by obstacles such as tall buildings or mountains. Special algorithms on the TEF668x such as improved multipath suppression (iMS) and channel equalizer (CEQ) ensure excellent sound quality during such conditions.

“At Desay SV, we are committed to providing best-in-class in-car infotainment solutions for car radios. The TEF668x tuners provide excellent performance levels with a broad feature set and unique flexibility. With a smaller footprint and simplified integration, NXP's latest tuner solutions are exactly what we need to address the requirements of high-growth BRIC markets,” said Mr. Yongzheng Duan, vice general manager at Desay SV. “We are pleased to continue building on our long-term relationship with NXP, leveraging its experience as the market leader in semiconductors for car entertainment.”

Torsten Lehmann, senior vice president and general manager car entertainment solutions at NXP Semiconductors, added: “The TEF665x and TEF668x family of tuners responds to our customers' demand for highly integrated, cost-effective, premium quality radio solutions. As a global leader in car entertainment semiconductors, NXP further strengthens its portfolio on entry and mainstream tuner solutions focusing on Car-OEM and aftermarket platforms in the BRIC countries.”

Features of the TEF665X DSP-based Radio Tuner IC

  • Alignment free digital receiver including tuner and software-defined radio processing
  • Command based high-level user interface combining high control flexibility with ease of control
  • Read information with device and tuning status, reception quality and RDS data
  • FM receiver with a tuning range of 65 MHz to 108 MHz covering Eastern Europe (OIRT), Japan, Europe and US bands
  • AM receiver covering LW, MW and full SW
  • Fully integrated tuning system with low phase noise and fast tuning
  • FM LNA with AGC
  • FM mixer for frequency conversion to a low IF complex signal
  • AM LNA with AGC, matching active and passive antenna applications
  • AM mixer for frequency conversion to a low IF complex signal (AM SW)
  • High dynamic range IF ADC
  • Digital IF signal processing including decimation, shift to baseband, AGC control, I/Q correction, variable IF bandwidth filtering (PACS) and demodulation
  • FM stereo decoding
  • Baseband I²S output supporting HD Radio and DRM1 with external digital radio coprocessor (TEF6659)
  • Blending function for HD Radio reception (TEF6659)
  • AM & FM noise blanking, Signal quality detection and weak signal processing
  • Advanced RDS and RBDS demodulation and decoding
  • MPX output supporting DARC demodulator
  • One I²S input and one I²S output
  • Two mono audio DACs
  • Single 3.3 V supply voltage
  • Fast mode I²C-bus (400 kHz)
  • Configurable GPIO pins for RDS, Quality Status Interrupt and generic I2C-bus controlled I/O
  • Qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100

More information on the TEF665x DSP-based radio tuner one-chip, can be found on the NXP website at NXP TEF665x product page

For information on the TEF668x Single-Chip Radio ICs, can be found on the NXP website at NXP TEF668x product page

The NXP website address is www.nxp.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from NXP]