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ST Releases Dual IO-Link and SIO Transceiver for Sensor Applications

The L6364 transceiver features dual communication channels, DC/DC converter and dual-mode UART

STMicroelectronics is bringing extra flexibility to IO-Link connections with the L6364 transceiver, which features dual communication channels that allow configurable output doubling for extra drive strength, in addition to a DC/DC converter and dual-mode UART.

Click for Larger Image - ST Releases Dual IO-Link and SIO Transceiver for Sensor Applications The L6364 supports IO-Link at COM2 (38.4 kbaud) and COM3 (230.4 kbaud) modes, as well as standard Single-Input/Output (SIO) communication. The dual outputs, comprising an IO-Link CQ pin and standard DIO pin, each have surge-pulse and reverse-polarity protection. The maximum drive strength is programmable up to 250mA and the two channels can be paralleled to supply up to 500mA.

An SPI port connects the L6364 to the host microcontroller (MCU), with an additional interrupt pin for diagnostic reporting. Sensor data can be exchanged with the MCU through the UART or by using single-byte or multi-byte (SPI) modes. The integrated UART, which supports IO-Link message sequencing (M-Sequencing), can be programmed to operate in IO-Link or standard Single-Input/Output (SIO) mode and allows unlimited M-Sequence size in single-octet IO-Link. An internal data buffer supports up to 15 octets.

In normal operation the L6364 is configured by the MCU via the SPI interface at start-up. It starts operating in SIO-device mode, driving the output lines as configured by the MCU. If the device is connected to an IO-Link master, the master can initiate IO-Link communication by a wake-up request.

The highly integrated transceiver contains a DC/DC buck converter with programmable output voltage. There are also 3.3V and 5V low-dropout regulators (LDOs) with 50mA output current. The LDOs can be powered from the external supply voltage, or from the DC/DC converter, and are connected to external pins to supply the MCU and sensors.

The design of the L6364 emphasizes flexibility and ease of use, including a wide operating-voltage range from 5V to 35V. There are also flexible protection features, with configurable thresholds for thermal-shutdown, UVLO (Under-Voltage Lock Out), and under-voltage, overvoltage, and overload detection. Short circuit, and ground and Vcc disconnection, are also provided. In addition, the transceiver reports extended diagnostics to the MCU through the Interrupt pin, including wake-up recognition, short-circuit, under-voltage, and 7-bit calibrated temperature-sensor reading that indicates when the programmed threshold has been exceeded.

Features of the L6364 Dual channel transceiver IC include:

  • Supply voltage from 5 V to 35 V
  • 5 V and 3.3 V compatible I/Os
  • 5 V and 3.3 V, 50 mA linear regulators
  • 50 mA DC-DC regulator with configurable frequency (0.5 MHz to 2 MHz) & voltage (5 V-10.5 V)
  • Low dissipative (5 Ω) CQ and DIO output stages configurable in high side, low side, push/pull
  • Configurable (0.11 A to 0.25 A) current limitation threshold of CQ and DIO lines
  • Configurable (0.22 A to 0.5 A) current limitation threshold of CQ//DIO line (Join Mode)
  • Fully protected:
    • Embedded reverse polarisation diode (DOUT pin)
    • Full zero current reverse polarity between Vplus, CQ, DIO and PGND pins
    • Configurable (up to 216°C) thermal shutdown threshold
    • 7-bit, calibrated, temperature measurement
    • Configurable (6.0 V to 15 V) Vplus undervoltage detection
    • CQ and DIO short-circuit current limit and reporting
  • -40 to +150°C operating temperature
  • Suitable to drive L, C and R loads
  • Quartz-free IO-Link clock extraction and timing generation at COM2 (38.4k Baud) and COM3 (230.4k Baud)
  • Integrated UART peripheral with M-sequence handling (inc. checksum) for all IO-Link sequences according to specification v1.1
  • Single octet UART mode for unlimited M-sequence size and continuous data transfer
  • Internal data buffer for up to 15 octets
  • Transparent UART mode for special applications
  • CQ and DIO switching time = 100 ns (2k Ω//2.2 nF load)
  • 8 V Zener limits for fast demagnetization of inductive loads
  • Two LED drivers with configurable (up to 8 mA) current
  • Design to meet application requirements:
    • ESD IEC 61000-4-2 protection to 4 kV
    • EMC surge protection 2A/50 µs, (coupling 500 Ω)

More information on the L6364 Transceiver IC for SIO and IO-Link sensor applications is available on the ST website at STMicroelectronics L6364 product page.

The STMicroelectronics website address is www.st.com.
[Reprinted with kind permission from STMicroelectronics - Release Date, 28th September, 2020]