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ROHM Releases New Sensor Shield With Arduino Interface

Board Includes Ten Onboard Sensors and Enables Rapid Code Development for the Arduino Platform

ROHM has recently announced the availability of the SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101, a second-generation sensor shield integrating 10 onboard sensors along with standard Arduino interface pins that ensure compatibility with existing open-source prototyping platforms.

Click for Larger Image - ROHM Releases New Sensor Shield With Arduino Interface In recent years, following the proliferation of IoT and M2M in industrial, automotive, consumer and other areas, a number of companies offer services and applications with sensors to meet the market's needs. However, significant development effort along with hardware and software expertise is required when creating products for expanding these systems. In addition, the development and mounting environment for each sensor device will inherently differ, complicating evaluation.

In response, ROHM previously developed the Sensor Platform Kit, featuring a modular design capable of standalone operation that makes it possible to switch out and evaluate different ROHM sensor products. In contrast, this new Sensor Shield provides a lower cost alternative and includes standard Arduino shield interface pins that enable connection to any evaluation kit with a shield interface header. This allows for immediate verification of sensor operation and facilitates the design of sensor devices, significantly lightening development load while promoting the expansion of the sensor market.

Sensors included in the ROHM Sensor Shield

  • Analog Temperature Sensor
  • Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Hall Switch Sensor
  • Geomagnetic Sensor
  • Digital Color Sensors
  • Optical Proximity Sensors and Ambient Light Sensors
  • Analog UV Sensor
  • Digital Accelerometer
  • Digital Magnetometer and Accelerometer
  • Digital Gyroscope and Accelerometer

For more information on the SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101 Sensor Shield, visit the ROHM Semiconductor Website at ROHM Semiconductor SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101 product page

The company's Web site address is www.rohm.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from ROHM - Release Date, 16th June, 2016]