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Microchip Releases New Four Channel Temperature Sensor IC's

New Sensors Can Monitor a Wide Temperature Range with High Accuracy and Offer a High Degree of Noise Immunity

Microchip have released the MCP990X family of System Management Bus (SMBus) temp sensor ICs for monitoring of up to four channels in cold, outdoor and industrial low-temperature applications ranging from freezers and refrigerators to base stations and remote radio units. With ±1°C maximum accuracy for both external and internal diode temperatures from -40°C to +65°C, these ICs provide a low-cost, highly flexible solution where precision is needed at lower temperatures.

Click for Larger Image - Microchip Releases New Four Channel Temperature Sensor IC Advanced features of the MCP990X family include remote diode temperature measurement with resistance error correction that compensates for voltage drops from connectors and long board traces, enabling accurate readings of up to 20 inches away from the IC. Injected system noise from components such as DC-DC converters and backlight inverters is also minimized with a sample-frequency hopping filter, allowing for easier placement and routing. The combination of these features with options for dual, triple and quad temperature monitoring provides for a wider range of measurement opportunities for an entire system with a single IC.

“Extending our thermal-management portfolio to include a focus on colder remote and industrial applications gives us a unique offering in the industry,” said Bryan J. Liddiard, marketing vice president of Microchip's Mixed-signal and Linear Products Division. “These devices complement system designs for our extensive line of microcontrollers as well, helping to ease development time based on the sensing and processing needs of end products.”

Click for Larger Image - New Sensors Can Monitor a Wide Temperature Range with High Accuracy Compact package options that take up less silicon space on the PCB and allow for smaller system solutions and better product design for temperature-critical applications include a 2 x 2 footprint for the MCP9902 dual-channel temperature sensor. The IC is the smallest temperature sensor in Microchip's portfolio and 33 percent smaller than the company's previous generation dual temperature sensor. Additionally, a 3 x 3 footprint package is available for the MCP9903 triple and MCP9904 quad temp sensors.

Features of the MCP990X System Management Bus (SMBus) Temperature Sensors

  • Programmable SMBus Address
  • Automatically determines external diode type and optimal settings
  • Resistance Error Correction
  • Up to 3 External Temperature Monitors
    • ±1°C max accuracy (-40°C < TREMOTE < 125°C)
    • 0.125°C resolution
    • Supports up to 2.2nF diode filter capacitor
    • Anti-parallel diodes for extra diode support
  • Internal Temperature Monitor
    • ±1°C accuracy (-40°C < TAMBIENT < 65°C)
    • ±0.125°C resolution
  • 3.3V Supply Voltage
  • Programmable temperature limits for ALERT#

The MCP9904T-1E/9Q, MCP9904T-2E/9Q and MCP9904T-AE/9Q are currently available in a 10-pin VDFN Package and can be ordered from Microchip in tape and reel packaging.

More information on the MCP990X Family of Temperature Sensor IC's can be found on the Microchip website at Microchip MCP9904 product page

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The Microchip website address is www.microchip.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Microchip Corporation - Release Date, 28th March, 2016]