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Microchip Releases Low-Power Vehicle Access Solution For Smart Keys

Devices Feature Open Immobilizer Protocol for Interoperability and Low Frequency Vector Techniques< for Man-in-the-Middle Counterattack Strategies

The industry’s lowest-power Passive Entry/Passive Start (PEPS) solution is now available from Microchip. Microchip’s ATA5700 and ATA5702 are primarily intended for use in battery-powered applications such as smart keys (i.e. PEPS) and complementary car access via mobile devices, smartphones and wearables where the power consumption is one of the key requirements.

Click for Larger Image - Microchip Releases New Low-Power Vehicle Access Solution For Smart Keys Key benefits of the new devices include ultra-low power consumption, outstanding key localization accuracy and unique built-in counter relay (“man-in-the-middle”) attack protection measures. Car theft based on relay attacks of vehicles equipped with a PEPS system is becoming one of the top security concerns of automakers. The two new devices have a unique built-in Low Frequency (LF) vector calculation unit that allows customers to implement effective relay attack countermeasures at no additional cost.

The new devices also feature excellent low frequency sensitivity, enabling convenience features such as customized welcome lighting upon approaching the vehicle or automatic “walk-away locking” of the vehicle - in a range up to 10 meters. The power consumption for this “always on feature” is industry leading, tripling the battery lifetime in the highest sensitivity mode.

The devices offer the highest key localization accuracy in the market, which is critical to accurately distinguish whether a key fob is located inside or outside the vehicle and to comply with accuracy requirements of insurance companies. In addition, the devices contain an open-source, zero-cost license immobilizer protocol based on AES-128 that enables interoperability, allowing large-volume customers to deploy second sourcing strategies.

“The fast-growing passive entry market is driven by an increased customer demand for convenience features - hands-free entry, hands-free locking or even personalized welcome lighting,” said Matthias Kaestner, vice president of Microchip’s Automotive business unit. “As these devices become more and more prevalent, the need for enhanced security to prevent car theft is vital, and Microchip provides what our customers need.”

Both the ATA5700 and ATA5702 feature a 3D immobilizer, 3D high-sensitivity LF receivers, digital processing unit, 128-bit crypto engine, LF vector calculation unit and a microcontroller. The ATA5702 is enhanced with a built-in RF transmitter fractional Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) to ensure a robust Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) link that is highly immune to jammers and disturbers.

Features of the ATA5700 Automotive Remote Keyless Entry System

  • Ultra Low Power AVR Microcontroller with:
    • 32 kBytes user Flash
    • 2 kBytes EEPROM with secure conditional Access
    • 128 Bit AES Crypto Engine built in Hardware with secured and fast access
    • 19 GPI/Os
    • 2 SPI and 2 TWI Interfaces, Debug Wire
  • 3D Low Frequency Receiver:
    • Frequency: 100 to 125 kHz
    • Integrated Resonance Frequency Tuning for 3D Antenna
    • Integrated Quality Factor tuning for 3D Antenna
    • Programmable Receiver Sensitivity
    • Ultra Low Power LF Polling Mode
    • High RSSI accuracy for accurate distance measurement
    • Low Frequency vector calculation unit to support Relay Attack Countermeasures
  • 3D Transponder
    • 3D Transponder operation in parallel with or without battery
    • Support Biphase, Manchester modulations with programmable NRZ code insertion for code violation
    • Autonomous Operating Codec for enhanced communication range: Manchester (Uplink) and BPLM/QPLM(downlink)
    • Power Management unit
  • Complex Power Management unit with low Power POR and Brown out detection
  • Fast Voltage Monitor for battery control
  • Programmable Battery charging
  • Supply Voltage: 2.1 V to 4.2V
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

For more information on the ATA5700 and ATA5702 Automotive Remote Keyless Entry System, visit the Microchip website at Microchip ATA5700 Product Page

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The Microchip website address is www.microchip.com
[Reprinted with kind permission from Microchip Corporation - Release Date, 8th November, 2016]