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Maxim Integrated Releases Industry’s Lowest-Noise, Class D/G Amplifier

The MAX98396 audio power amplifier provides speakers with an inaudible noise floor, which is 50-percent lower than other, similar amplifiers

Maxim Integrated (now part of Analog Devices) have released the MAX98396 Class D/G speaker amplifier with the industry’s lowest noise and lowest quiescent power consumption, which consumes nearly five times less power than similar amplifiers. The 20V digital input audio power amplifier offers 12.7mW of quiescent power to meet and exceed the industry’s power compliance regulations, which support the always-on feature in portable Bluetooth® and smart speakers. The MAX98396’s low 15.5µVrms noise floor is 50-percent lower than similiar products, allowing speaker placement in near-silent locations.

Click for Larger Image - Maxim Integrated Release New Class D/G Amplifier “As consumers embrace voice assistance in everyday life, speakers are proliferating throughout the connected home and new use cases are driving the demand for higher audio performance and artificial intelligence-enabled smart speakers,” said Peter Cooney, from SAR Insight & Consulting. “And as these modern devices continue to shrink in size, thermal management is becoming even more critical.”

The MAX98396 is the latest release in Maxim Integrated’s portfolio of Class D/G amplifiers, offering the industry’s lowest power, lowest noise and highest thermal efficiency demanded for battery powered Bluetooth and always-on smart speakers. The industry-leading power efficiency allows the speaker to be driven higher and longer before reaching it's thermal limit. As well, the MAX98396 is also ultrasound ready with 45kHz of bandwidth and a dedicated data path. This feature, combined with artificial intelligence (AI) software and ultrasound, enables touchless gesture sensing, presence detection and proximity sensing.

“The MAX98396 Class D/G amplifier was designed to meet the needs of next-generation smart and wireless speakers,” said Kevin Ko, business manager for Mobile Audio Solutions at Maxim Integrated. “The high-resolution audio-compatible speaker amplifier features ultra-low noise performance, making it well-suited for placement bed side. Upgraded, ultrasound-ready features enable the newest trend of contactless smart speakers.”

Features of the MAX98396 Class D/G Speaker Amplifier

  • Class-DG Operation Enables Industry-Leading Quiescent Power
    • 12.7mW at VPVDD = 12V , VVBAT = 3.8V
    • 18mW at VPVDD = 19V, VVBAT = 5.0V
  • Wide Input Supply Range (3.0V to 20V)
  • Ultra-Low Noise Floor
    • 15.5µVRMS Output Noise
    • 118dB Dynamic Range
  • Low Distortion
    • -82dB THD+N at 1W into 8Ω, f = 1kHz
    • -76dB THD+N at 1W into 8Ω, f = 6kHz
  • Output Power at 1% THD+N:
    • 20W into 8Ω, VPVDD = 19V
    • 19W into 4Ω, VPVDD = 14V
  • 60W Peak Output Power into 4Ω, VPVDD = 19V
  • Speaker Amplifier Efficiency:
    • 87% at 1W into 8Ω, VPVDD = 12V, VVBAT = 3.8V
    • 83% at 1W into 4Ω, VPVDD = 12V, VVBAT = 3.8V
    • 83% at 1W into 8Ω, VPVDD = 19V, VVBAT = 5.0V
    • 91% at 20W into 8Ω, VPVDD = 19V, VVBAT = 5.0V
  • Class-D EMI Reduction Enables Filterless Operation
  • Spread-Spectrum Modulation
  • Switching-Edge Rate Control
  • Integrated Speaker Current and Voltage Sense, no external components required
  • Flexible Brownout-Prevention Engine
  • I²S/16-Channel TDM and I²C Digital Interfaces
  • Playback Support for 16-, 24-, and 32-Bit Data Words
  • Playback and I/V Sense Support Sample Rates up to 192kHz
  • Audio Processing Bypass Path
  • Extensive Click-and-Pop Suppression
  • Dynamic-Headroom Tracking Maintains a Consistent Listening Experience

For more information on the MAX98396 Class D/G Speaker Amplifier, visit the Maxim Integrated website at Maxim Integrated MAX98396 product page

The Maxim Integrated website address is www.maximintegrated.com.
[Reprinted with kind permission from Maxim Integrated - Release Date 22nd June, 2021]