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MAX707CPA - MAX707 Microprocessor Supervisory IC Datasheet - Buy MAX707CPA

MAX707CPA - MAX707 Microprocessor Supervisory IC


arrowGuaranteed RESET Valid at Vcc=1V

arrowPrecision Supply-Voltage Monitor 4.65V

arrow200ms Reset Pulse Width

arrowDebounced TTL/CMOS-Compatible Manual-Reset Input

arrowActive-High Reset Output

arrowVoltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low-Battery Warning

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX707CPA Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 MR - Manual Reset
2 Vcc - +5V Supply Input
3 GND - Ground
4 PFI - Power Fail Voltage Monitor Input
5 PFO - Power Fail Output
6 NC - Not Connected
7 RESET - Active Low Reset Output
8 RESET - Active High Reset Output
Dimensional Drawing
MAX707 DIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX707 Datasheet

Application Notes