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Operational Amplifiers (Op-Amps)

Linear Op-Amps for standard and high-precision circuits, single and dual voltage supply types available.
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Most of the Popular Types including,
arrowLM741CN - Standard Single Op-Amp
arrowLM358N - Low Power Dual Op-Amp
arrowLF355N - Dual BiFET Op-Amp
arrowOP07 - Ultra Low Offset Single Op-Amp
arrowTL072 - Low Noise JFET Dual Op-Amp

Op-Amps SMD Types

Op-Amps in SMD packages with many popular types, including the LM358, OP07, MC4558 and TL072,
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Huge Range with most of the Standard Types including,
arrowLM358D - Low Power Dual Op-Amp
arrowOP07CD - Ultra Low Offset Single Op-Amp
arrowMC4558CD - MC4558 Wide Bandwidth Dual Op-Amp
arrowTL072CD - Low Noise JFET Dual Op-Amp


Linear Comparators for analog circuits, high-speed and low power types available.
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Industry Standard LM311N, LM339N, LM360N and LM393N Types are available,
arrowLM311 - Voltage Comparator
arrowLM339 - Quad Comparator
arrowLM360 - High-Speed Differential Comparator
arrowLM393 - Dual Comparator


High-Power Audio Amplifiers for Car Radios and General Purpose Amplifiers
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Popular LM1875T, LM386N-3, LM3886T and LM833N Types are available,
arrowLM1875T - 20W Power Audio Amplifier
arrowLM386 - Low Voltage Audio Amplifier
arrowLM3886T - 68W High Performance Audio Amplifier
arrowLM833 - Dual Audio Op-Amp

Voltage Regulators

Line Drivers

Line Drivers for Receivers for RS232 Communication and RS485, RS488 Networks
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Popular MAX232, 75176, MC1488P types are available,
arrowMAX232 - Dual RS232 Receiver/Transmitter
arrowSN75176 - Differential Bus Transceiver
arrowMC1488P - Quad Line EIA-232D Driver
arrowDS1488N - Quad Line Driver

Timers, Temperature Sensors, Voltage References and Others

Wide Range of Special Function Linear ICs, including the 555 Timer IC, LM285 Voltage References and Much More,
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Huge Range with some of the most popular types, including
arrowLM555, NE555, MC1555 - Standard 555 Timer IC
arrowLM556N - Dual 555 Timer IC
arrowLM285Z-2.5 - 2.500V Voltage Reference
arrowLM35DZ - Celcius Temperature Sensor