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Standard Crystals

Large range of high accuracy, long-life Crystals for use with micrococontrollers and microprocessors. Standard HC49U mounting cases together with low profile HC49S cases as well as SMD types in SXA cases. All crystals have excellent frequency stability and precision frequency accuracy.
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All the standard frequency sizes available, together with special radio frequency values,
arrow4.000MHz Type for PIC Microcontrollers
arrow3.579545MHz Type for 80 Series Micros
arrow32.768kHz for Real-Time Clocks


High Frequency, High Accuracy Oscillators in full can packages for microprocessor and CPU circuits. Excellent long term stability and high precision frequency accuracy.
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Standard frequencies available together with some discontinued frequency sizes in stock,
arrow14.31818MHz Full Can Oscillator
arrow20.000MHz Full Can Oscillator
arrow33.000MHz Full Can Oscillator


Low Cost and Compact Sized 3-pin and 2-pin Resonators for use in timing circuits. Easy to mount and minimal footprint area.
Goto Resonators Range

Only limited stocks still available,
arrow8.0MHz 2-Pin Ceramic Resonator
arrow16.0MHz 3-Pin Ceramic Resonator