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82C55 - 82C55 CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface Technical Data - Buy 82C55

82C55 CMOS Programmable Peripheral Interface


arrowPin Compatible with NMOS 8255A

arrow24 Programmable I/O Pins

arrowFully TTL Compatible

arrowHigh Speed, No "Wait State" Operation with 5MHz

arrowDirect Bit Set/Reset Capability

arrowEnhanced Control Word Read Capability

arrowL7 Process

arrow2.5mA Drive Capability on All I/O Ports

arrowLow Standby Power - 10µA

Pin Layout
82C55 IC Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1-4 PA0-PA3 - Port A
5 RD - Read (Active Low)
6 CS - Chip Select (Active Low)
7 GND - Ground
8 A0 - Address Input
9 A1 - Address Input
10-17 PC0-PC7 - Port C
18-25 PB0-PB7 - Port B
26 Vcc - +5V Power Supply
27-34 D0-D7 - Data Bus
35 RESET - Reset Input
36 WR - Write (Active Low)
37-40 PA4-PA7 - Port A

Dimensional Drawing
DIP40 Dimension Drawing
DIP40 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Intersil - Data Sheet for 82C55 Datasheet

Application Notes