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MAX941 - MAX941 Single Supply Comparators Technical Data

MAX941 - MAX941 Single Supply Comparators


arrowAvailable in µMAX Package

arrowOptimized for 3V and 5V Applications (operation down to 2.7V)

arrowFast, 80ns Propagation Delay (5mV overdrive)

arrowRail-to-Rail Input Voltage Range

arrowLow Power: 1mW Power Dissipation per Comparator(3V) 350µA Supply Current

arrowLow,1mV Offset Voltage

arrowInternal Hysteresis for Clean Switching

arrowOutputs Swing 200mV of Power Rails

arrowCMOS/TTL-Compatible Outputs

arrowOutput Latch and Shutdown Function

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX941CPA Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 V+ - Positive Supply
2 IN+ - Noninverting Input
3 IN- - Inverting Input
4 SHDN - Shutdown (Active Low)
5 LATCH - Latch (Active Low)
6 GND - Ground
7 OUT - Output
8 NC - Not Connected
Dimensional Drawing
MAX941 DIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX941 Datasheet

Application Notes