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MAX691CPE - MAX691 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits Datasheet - Buy MAX691CPE

MAX691CPE - MAX691 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits


arrowPrecision Voltage Monitor 4.65V

arrowPower OK/Reset Time Delay

arrowWatchdog Timer - 100ms, 1.6 sec, or Adjustable

arrowMinimum Component Count

arrow1µA Standby Current

arrowBattery Backup Power Switching

arrowOnboard Gating of Chip Enable Signals

arrowVoltage Monitor for Power Fail or Low Battery Warning

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX691CPE Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Vbatt - Backup Battery Input
2 Vout - Vcc or Vbat Output, Depending on Voltage
3 Vcc - +5V Power Supply Input
4 GND - Ground
5 Batt On - Indicates Supply is from the Battery
6 Low Line - Indicates Power Supply Voltage is Low
9 PFI - Power Fail Input
10 PFO - Power Fail Output
11 WDI - Watchdog Input
12 CE Out
13 CE In
14 WDO - Watchdog Output
15 RESET - Active High Reset
16 RESET - Active Low Reset

Dimensional Drawing
MAX691CPE DIP16 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX691 Datasheet

Application Notes