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MAX664CPA - MAX664 Programmable Voltage Regulator Datasheet - Buy MAX664CPA

MAX664CPA - MAX664 Programmable Voltage Regulator


arrowDual Mode Operation: Fixed +5V or Adjustable from +1.3V to +16V

arrowLow Power CMOS: 12µA MAX Quiescent Current

arrow40mA Output Current, with Current Limiting

arrowPin-Compatible Upgrade of ICL7663 and ICL7664

arrow+2V to +16.5V Operating Range

arrowNo Output Over-Shoot on Power Up

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX664CPA Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Vout2 - Regulator Output 2
2 SENSE - Current Limit Sense Input
3 SHDN - Shutdown
4 Vin - Regulator Input
5 SHDN - Shutdown
6 Vset - Adjustable Output
7 Vout1 - Regulator Output 2
8 GND - Ground
Dimensional Drawing
MAX664 DIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX664 Datasheet

Application Notes