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MAX537ACPE - MAX537 Quad 12-Bit Serial DAC Technical Data - Buy MAX537ACPE

MAX537ACPE - MAX537 Quad 12-Bit Serial DAC


arrowFour 12-Bit DACs with Output Buffers

arrowSimultaneous or Independent Control of Four DACs via a 3-Wire Serial Interface

arrowPower-On Reset

arrowSPI/QSPI and Microwire Compatible

arrowFull 12-Bit Performance without Adjustments

arrow±5V Supply Operation

arrowDouble-Buffered Digital Inputs

arrowBuffered Voltage Output

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX537ACPE Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 OUTB - DAC B Output Voltage
2 OUTA - DAC A Output Voltage
3 Vss - Negative Power Supply
4 AGND - Analog Ground
5 REFab - Voltage Reference for DAC A and B
6 DGND - Digital Ground
7 LDAC - Load DAC Input
8 SDI - Serial Data Input
9 CS - Chip Select
10 SCK - Shift Register Clock Input
11 SDO - Serial Data Output
12 REFcd - Voltage Reference for DAC C and D
13 TP - Test Pin
14 Vdd - Positive Power Supply
15 OUTD - DAC D Output Voltage
16 OUTC - DAC C Output Voltage

Dimensional Drawing
MAX537ACPE DIP16 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX537 Datasheet

Application Notes