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MAX480CPA - MAX480 Micropower Op-Amp Technical Data

MAX480CPA - MAX480 Micropower Op-Amp


arrowSingle- or Dual-Supply Operation: +1.6V to +36V, ±0.8V to ±18V

arrowPure Single-Supply Operation: Input and Output Voltage Ranges Include Ground

arrow2.0µV/°C MAX Offset Voltage Drift

arrow20µA MAX Supply Current

arrow5mA Min Output Drive

arrow140µV MAX Input Offset Voltage

arrow3nA MAX Input Bias Current

arrow500V/mV Min Open-Loop Gain

arrowStandard 741 Pinout with Nulling to V-

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX480CPA Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 NULL - Offset Null Input
2 IN- - Inverting Input
3 IN+ - Noninverting Input
4 V- - Negative Supply
5 NULL - Offset Null Input
6 OUT - Output
7 V+ - Positive Supply
8 NC - Not Connected
Dimensional Drawing
MAX480 DIP8 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX480 Datasheet

Application Notes