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MAX308CPE - MAX308 CMOS Analog Multiplexers Technical Data - Buy MAX308CPE

MAX308CPE - MAX308 CMOS Analog Multiplexers


arrowGuaranteed On-Resistance Match Between Channels, <5 ohms max

arrowLow On-Resistance, <100 ohms max

arrowGuaranteed Flat On-Resistance over Specified Signal Range, 7 ohms max

arrowGuaranteed Low Charge Injection,<10pC

arrowNO-Off Leakage Current <5nA at +85°C

arrowCOM-Off Leakage Current <20nA at +85°C

arrowESD Protection >2000V

arrowPlug-In Upgrade for Industry-Standard DG408/DG409/DG508A/DG509A

arrowSingle-Supply Operation (+4.5V to +30V) Bipolar-Supply Operation (±4.5V to ±20V)

arrowLow Power Consumption, <300µW

arrowRail-to-Rail Signal Handling

Pin Layout
Maxim MAX308CPE Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 AD - Address Input
2 EN - Enable Input
3 V- - Negative Supply
4 N01 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
5 N02 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
6 N03 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
7 N04 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
8 COM - Analog Output
9 N08 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
10 N07 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
11 N06 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
12 N05 - Analog Input Bi-Directional
13 V+ - Positive Supply
14 GND - Ground
15 A2 - Address Input
16 A1 - Address Input

Dimensional Drawing
MAX308CPE DIP16 Dimension Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Maxim Integrated Website - Datasheet for MAX308CPE Datasheet

Application Notes