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74HC SMD High Speed CMOS Logic - Cross-Reference Table

Technical Data

74HC SMD CMOS Cross-Reference Guide

Part No. Package Fairchild Motorola / ON Philips ST TI Toshiba Datasheet
74HC00SMD SOIC14 MM74HC00M MC74HC00AD 74HC00D M74HC00M1R SN74HC00D TC74HC00AF Datasheet
74HC02SMD SOIC14 MM74HC02M MC74HC02AD 74HC02D M74HC02M1R SN74HC02D TC74HC02AF Datasheet
74HC04SMD SOIC14 MM74HC04M MC74HC04AD 74HC04D M74HC04M1R SN74HC04D TC74HC04AF Datasheet
74HC08SMD SOIC14 MM74HC08M MC74HC08AD 74HC04D M74HC08M1R SN74HC08D TC74HC08AF Datasheet
74HC10SMD SOIC14   MC74HC10D 74HC10D M74HC10M1R SN74HC10D TC74HC10AF Datasheet
74HC14SMD SOIC14 MM74HC14M MC74HC14AD 74HC14D M74HC14M1R SN74HC14D TC74HC147AF Datasheet
74HC30SMD SOIC14   MC74HC30D 74HC30D M74HC30M1R CD74HC30M TC74HC30AF Datasheet
74HC32SMD SOIC14 MM74HC32M MC74HC32AD 74HC32D M74HC32M1R SN74HC32D TC74HC32AF Datasheet
74HC74SMD SOIC14   MC74HC74AD 74HC74D M74HC74M1R SN74HC74D TC74HC74AF Datasheet
74HC85SMD SOIC16   MC74HC85D 74HC85D M74HC85M1R CD74HC85M TC74HC85AF Datasheet
74HC86SMD SOIC14 MM74HC86M MC74HC86AD 74HC86D M74HC86M1R SN74HC86D TC74HC86AF Datasheet
74HC123SMD SOIC16 MM74HC123M   74HC123D M74HC123M1R CD74HC123M TC74HC123AF Datasheet
74HC125SMD SOIC14 MM74HC125M MC74HC125AD 74HC125D M74HC125M1R SN74HC125D TC74HC125AF Datasheet
74HC132SMD SOIC14 MM74HC132M MC74HC132AD 74HC132D M74HC132M1R SN74HC132D TC74HC132AF Datasheet
74HC138SMD SOIC14 MM74HC138M MC74HC138AD 74HC138D M74HC138M1R SN74HC138D TC74HC138AF Datasheet
74HC139SMD SOIC16 MM74HC139M MC74HC139AD 74HC139D M74HC139M1R SN74HC139D TC74HC139AF Datasheet
74HC154SMD SOIC24 MM74HC154WM MC74HC154DW 74HC154D M74HC154M1R CD74HC154M   Datasheet
74HC157SMD SOIC16 MM74HC157M MC74HC157AD 74HC157D M74HC157M1R SN74HC157D TC74HC157AF Datasheet
74HC161SMD SOIC16 MM74HC161M MC74HC161D 74HC161D M74HC161M1R SN74HC161D TC74HC161AF Datasheet
74HC164SMD SOIC14 MM74HC164M MC74HC164D 74HC164D M74HC164M1R SN74HC164D TC74HC164AF Datasheet
74HC165SMD SOIC16 MM74HC165M MC74HC165D 74HC165D M74HC165M1R SN74HC165D TC74HC165AF Datasheet
74HC174SMD SOIC16 MM74HC174M MC74HC174D 74HC174D M74HC174M1R SN74HC174D TC74HC174AF Datasheet
74HC193SMD SOIC16   MC74HC193D 74HC193D M74HC193M1R SN74HC193D TC74HC193AF Datasheet
74HC221SMD SOIC16 MM74HC221AM   74HC221D M74HC221M1R CD74HC221M TC74HC221AF Datasheet
74HC240SMD SOIC20 MM74HC240WM MC74HC240DW 74HC240D M74HC240M1R SN74HC240DW TC74HC240AF Datasheet
74HC244SMD SOIC20 MM74HC244WM MC74HC244DW 74HC244D M74HC244M1R SN74HC244DW TC74HC244AF Datasheet
74HC245SMD SOIC20 MM74HC245AWM MC74HC245ADW 74HC245D M74HC245M1R SN74HC245DW TC74HC245AF Datasheet
74HC273SMD SOIC20 MM74HC273WM MC74HC273DW 74HC273D M74HC273M1R SN74HC273DW TC74HC273AF Datasheet
74HC373SMD SOIC20 MM74HC373WM MC74HC373ADW 74HC373D M74HC373M1R SN74HC373DW TC74HC373AF Datasheet
74HC374SMD SOIC20 MM74HC374WM MC74HC374DW 74HC374D M74HC374M1R SN74HC374DW TC74HC374AF Datasheet
74HC393SMD SOIC14 MM74HC393M MC74HC393AD 74HC393D M74HC393M1R SN74HC393D TC74HC393AF Datasheet
74HC540SMD SOIC20 MM74HC540WM MC74HC540DW 74HC540D M74HC540M1R SN74HC540DW TC74HC540AF Datasheet
74HC541SMD SOIC20 MM74HC541WM MC74HC541DW 74HC541D M74HC541M1R SN74HC541DW TC74HC541AF Datasheet
74HC573SMD SOIC20 MM74HC573WM MC74HC573DW 74HC573D M74HC573M1R SN74HC573ADW TC74HC573AF Datasheet
74HC574SMD SOIC20 MM74HC574WM MC74HC574DW 74HC574D M74HC574M1R SN74HC574DW TC74HC574AF Datasheet
74HC595SMD SOIC16 MM74HC595M MC74HC595AD 74HC595D M74HC595M1R SN74HC595D TC74HC595AF Datasheet
74HC4020SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4020M MC74HC4020AD 74HC4020D M74HC4020M1R SN74HC4020D TC74HC4020AF Datasheet
74HC4040SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4040M MC74HC4040AD 74HC4040D M74HC4040M1R SN74HC4040D TC74HC4040AF Datasheet
74HC4046SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4046M MC74HC4046AD 74HC4046AD   CD74HC4046AM   Datasheet
74HC4049SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4049M MC74HC4049D 74HC4049D M74HC4049M1R CD74HC4049M TC74HC4049AF Datasheet
74HC4050SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4050M MC74HC4050D 74HC4050D M74HC4050M1R CD74HC4050M TC74HC4050AF Datasheet
74HC4051SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4051M MC74HC4051D 74HC4051D M74HC4051M1R CD74HC4051M TC74HC4051AF  
74HC4052SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4052M MC74HC4052D 74HC4052D M74HC4052M1R CD74HC4052M TC74HC4052AF Datasheet
74HC4053SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4053M MC74HC4053D 74HC4053D M74HC4053M1R CD74HC4053M TC74HC4053AF Datasheet
74HC4060SMD SOIC16 MM74HC4060M MC74HC4060D 74HC4060D M74HC4060M1R SN74HC4060D TC74HC4060F Datasheet
74HC4066SMD SOIC14 MM74HC4066M MC74HC4066D 74HC4066D M74HC4066M1R SN74HC4066D TC74HC4066F Datasheet

* The information appearing here is for a guide only and actual technical specifications may vary slightly between the different manufacturers, please consult the full data sheet.