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7475 - 7475 4-bit Bi-stable Latch Datasheet

7475 - 7475 4-bit Bi-stable Latch


arrow4-bit Bistable Latch in a 16-Pin DIP Package

arrowOutputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL

arrowLarge Operating Voltage Range

arrowWide Operating Conditions

arrowNot Recommended for New Designs Use 74LS75

Pin Layout
TTL 7475 Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Complement Q1 Output
2 D1 Input
3 D2 Input
4 Enable 3/4
5 Vcc - Positive Power Supply
6 D3 Input
7 D4 Input
8 Complement Q4 Output
9 Q4 Output
10 Q3 Ouput
11 Complement Q3 Output
12 Gnd - Ground
13 Enable 1/2
14 Complement Q2 Output
15 Q2 Output
16 Q1 Output

Dimensional Drawing
DIP16 IC Dimensional Drawing

Technical Data

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Supply Voltage


Input Voltage


Operating Free Air Temperature

0°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature Range

-65°C to +150°C

Recommended Operating Conditions

Symbol Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Vcc Supply Voltage 4.75 5 5.25 V
Vih HIGH Level Input Voltage 2     V
Vil LOW Level Input Voltage     0.8 V
Ioh HIGH Level Output Current     -0.4 mA
Iol LOW Level Output Current     16 mA
Ta Free Air Operating Temperature 0   70 °C

Electrical Characteristics

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Vi Input Clamp Voltage Vcc=Min Ii=-12mA     -1.5 V
Voh HIGH Level Output Voltage Vcc=Min Ioh=MAX Vil=MAX 2.4 3.4   V
Vol LOW Level Output Voltage Vcc=Min Iol=MAX Vih=MAX   0.2 0.4 V
Ii Input Current@MAX Input Voltage Vcc=Max Vi=5.5V     1 mA
Iih HIGH Level Input Current Vcc=Max Vi=2.4V     40 µA
Iil LOW Level Input Current Vcc=Max Vi=0.4V     -1.6 mA
Ios Short Circuit Output Current Vcc=Max -18   -55 mA
Icch Supply Current with Outputs HIGH Vcc=Max   4 8 mA
Iccl Supply Current with Outputs LOW Vcc=Max   12 22 mA

Switching Characteristics at Vcc=5V,Ta=25°C

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Units
tplh Propagation Delay Time LOW-to-HIGH Level Output Cl=15pF Rl=400R     22 nS
tphl Propagation Delay Time HIGH-to-LOW Level Output Cl=15pF Rl=400R     15 nS