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24LC64 - 24LC64 8kx8 Microchip Serial EEPROM Datasheet - Buy 24LC64

24LC64 - 24LC64 8kx8 Microchip Serial EEPROM


arrowSingle Supply with Operation Down to 1.8V

arrowLow Power CMOS Technology

arrowOrganized as 4 blocks of 8kbytes

arrow2-wire Serial Interface Bus, I²C Compatible

arrowSchmitt Trigger Inputs for Noise Suppression

arrowOutput Slope Control to Eliminate Ground Bounce

arrow400kHz Compatibility

arrowSelf-timed Write Cycle including Auto-Erase

arrowPage-Write Buffer for up to 16 bytes

arrow2ms Typical Write Cycle Time for Page Write

arrowHardware Write Protect for Entire Memory

arrowCan be Operated as Serial ROM

arrowData Retention > 200 years

Pin Layout
Microchip 24LC64 Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 A0 - Not Connected
2 A1 - Not Connected
3 A2 - Not Connected
4 Vss - Ground
5 SDA - Serial Address/Data I/O
6 SCL - Serial Clock Input
7 WP - Write Protect Input
8 Vcc - Positive Power Supply

Dimensional Drawing
24LC64 IC Dimensional Drawing

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Microchip - Data Sheet for 24LC64 Datasheet

Application Notes