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MOC3020 - MOC3020 Triac Coupler Technical Data - Buy MOC3020

MOC3020 - MOC3020 Triac Coupler


arrowExcellent IFT Stability-IR Emitting Diode has Low Degradation

arrowHigh Isolation Voltage-Minimum 5300 VAC RMS

arrowUL Recognized

arrowPeak Blocking Voltage,250V-MOC301XM/400V-MOC302XM

Pin Layout
MOC3020 - MOC3020 Triac Coupler Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Anode
2 Cathode
3 No Connection
4 Main Terminal
5 Not Connected
6 Main Terminal

Dimensional Drawing
MOC3020 - MOC3020 Triac Coupler Dimensional Drawing

All Dimensions are in inches (mm in brackets)

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Fairchild Semiconductor - Data Sheet for MOC3020 Datasheet

Application Notes