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Star LED Driver

Star LED Driver

Especially Designed for Star LEDs and High Power Lighting, this unit will deliver a steady current flow to these units to ensure maximum efficiency as well as steady output brightness. Ideal for a 12V Solar Lighting System, the unit incorporates an integral timer to switch to low power mode after a certain number of hours. The output brightness is easily adjustable on the front panel and the various modes of operation can be set from the front.

This unit is sturdily constructed and can be mounted outdoors, with solid pvc terminals for wiring connections and mounting holes for fixing. Full protection for short-circuit, open-circuit and reverse polarity connection is provided. Our new Star LED Driver unit is ideal for use with our Star LED's and will provide a reliable solution for a Solar Powered Lighting System.



  • Designed For 12V Star LEDs with 50W of Output Power
  • Ideal for Solar Powered or Alternative Energy Systems
  • Adjustable Current/Brightness Output
  • High Efficiency
  • Short Circuit, Open Circuit and Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Wide Temperature Working Range of -30°C to +55°C
  • Full Power and Half Power Modes
  • Integral Timer for Switching to Half Power Mode
  • Full Installation Instructions Included

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