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4N32 - 4N32 6-Pin PhotoTransistor Optocoupler Technical Data - Buy 4N32

4N32 - 4N32 6 Pin PhotoTransistor Optocoupler


arrowHigh Sensitivity to Low Input Drive Current

arrowMeets or Exceeds All JEDEC Registered Specifications

arrowIndustry Standard Dual-in-Line 6-Pin Package

Pin Layout
4N32 - 4N32 6 Pin PhotoTransistor Optocoupler Pin Layout

Pin Description
Pin Number Description
1 Cathode
2 Anode
3 No Connection
4 Emitter
5 Collector
6 Base

Dimensional Drawing
4N32 - 4N32 6 Pin Transistor Dimensional Drawing

All Dimensions are in inches (mm in brackets)

Technical Data

Data Sheet

Toshiba Semiconductor - Data Sheet for 4N32 Datasheet

Application Notes