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Double Large 7-Segment LED Display

Double Large 7-Segment LED Display

Big and Clear, Double 7-Segment LED Display, our huge 4" display is ideal for scoreboards and large timer displays. The digits are easy to mount and include mounting holes and pre-installed connectors for connection to microcontrollers or control systems. Includes driver IC and resistors, together with voltage regulators, capacitors and mounting sockets for AT89C2051 microcontroller. This unit is fully assembled and ready to run. Schematics and Instructions included.



  • Huge 4" Digits
  • Easy To Mount
  • Connectors Pre-Mounted for Simple Set-Up
  • Multiple Units Can be Used Together
  • Dimensions: PCB Length - 131mm Width - 153mm Digits Length - 182mm Width - 122mm Total Depth - 45mm