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RS232 to USB Converter

Missing a RS232 Port on your new laptop. Our RS232 to USB Converter is the ideal solution. Plugs directly into your computers USB port for a simple easy way to connect RS232 output devices. Use this with any of our controller boards, PIC16F877 Development board or any of our other standard RS232 output devices for connection using a standard USB port.

This converter utilizes the common FTDI RS232 Converter Chip, with drivers available for download and set-up on most Windows® operating systems. This unit is very compact and can be easily carried with your laptop or new computer system.

Part Code: RS232_USB


  • Converts standard RS232 Outputs to USB
  • Plugs Directly into your Computers USB Port
  • Small Compact Unit, easy to carry
  • Drivers available for download and easy set-up
  • Dimensions: Length - 67mm, Width - 19mm, Height - 7mm