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10A Solar Regulator

10A Solar Regulator

The new 10A Solar Regulator offers improved performance and easier installation, than our previous module. The unit also incorporates a number of improvements, including low battery indication with output, suitable for disconnecting an external relay or sounding a buzzer. The unit is now housed in a solid pvc enclosure with easy connection for the solar cell and battery. The current rating of the unit has also been increased up to 10A, with it still being suitable for both 12V and 24V systems. The regulator will also disconnect the supply and reconnect the batteries at various set-points to ensure your batteries are not overcharged and remain fully charged.

Part Code: SOLREG10A


  • Digital Voltage and Current Readout
  • 12-24V Selector for 12V and 24V Systems
  • LED Charged Indicator
  • Automatic Cutout
  • Low Battery Indication

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New Fully Assembled 10A Solar Regulator - Available for Only $19.90 - 10A Solar Charge Controller