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Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

by Douglas Self

One of the most complete and extensive design guides to engineering and producing high quality power amplifiers. This book covers each stage of the amplifier design, including the input stage, amplifier stage and output stage. Also extensive coverage is given to negative feedback, distortion and power supply design. This book also covers the different amplifier designs available, including Class-A, Class-G and Class-D amplifiers, with extensive circuits and practical design information.

Thermal design is also covered in detail, as this is essential to any proper amplifier design, as well as loudspeaker protection and proper grounding. The new Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook is ideal for the engineer or technician designing and developing high-quality audio systems for use in PA, Music systems and much more.



  • Complete Coverage of Amplifier Design from Start to Finish
  • Explains in detail each type of Class Amplifier and their Benefits
  • In-depth design information for Thermal Considerations and Loudspeaker Protection
  • Plenty of Typical Circuits and Practial Design Information

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