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Advanced PIC Microcontroller Projects in C

by Dogan Ibrahim

Just arrived this excellent new book, covering programming the Microchip PIC18 range in C. To develop quality embedded projects quickly and efficiently, you will need to use a high level proramming language combined with a powerful microcontroller, this book is an excellent starting point. The book starts out with the basics of C language and then moves on to explain how this is used with the Microchip microcontrollers. A number of projects are then developed to help with your understanding and to build practical knowledge. This book is an ideal course book for Universities and technical colleges.



  • Excellent Practical Book with Plenty of Detailed Examples
  • Easy to build Projects
  • Plenty of code examples with detailed explanations and practical advice
  • Covers the High-Performance PIC18 Range of Microcontrollers
  • Ideal Course Book or for the Engineer
  • Based on Readily Available MikroC Compiler
  • Includes CD

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