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tinyAVR Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius

by Dhananjay V. Gadre and Nehil Malhotra

For those looking for a practical learning book for the AVR series of microcontrollers, this is an ideal starting point. This new book has a heap of useful projects based on the tinyAVR range of microcontrollers. Each project has detailed circuit information, together with the necessary code and pcb layout for easy construction. All the code is written in C language and the book teaches both programming and basic circuits for the ATTiny microcontrollers. Projects start from the very basic simple led operation to more complex graphical LCD's, as well some interesting alternative energy projects.

The book is ideal for the beginner and will have you up and running with simple experiments in no time. The projects are easy to build and plenty of knowledge is gained through this practical approach.



  • 34 Complete Projects with Circuit Diagrams, Code and Parts Lists
  • Introduces C Programming with Plenty of Real World Examples
  • Based on the Atmel ATtiny Range of AVR Microcontrollers
  • Includes LED, LCD, Sensor, Audio and Alternative Energy Projects
  • 251 Pages

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