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PICAXE Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius

by Ron Hackett

The latest release in the Evil Genius series covers PICAXE Microcontrollers. This easy to read book, introduces the basic of prototyping boards first, before moving on to the PICAXE Microcontroller range. Ideal for the beginner, the book includes detailed pictures, diagrams and code for each project.

Projects include an infrared input switch, parallel LCD display, keypad interfacing and a complete multifunction device. The final portion of the book is devoted to building a full scale Octavius robot, with motion control and object detection. The book lists all the programming code for each project and includes plenty of background information for each application. For those starting out with PICAXE microcontrollers, this is an excellent book to start with.



  • Covers Introductory Board Prototyping
  • Detailed Information on M2 Processors
  • Heaps of Useful Projects including Keypads, LCD's and more
  • Full Program Listings for Each Project
  • Build a Complete Robot with Object Detection
  • 265 Pages

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