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Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer

by Simon Taylor

Microsoft® .NET Gadgeteer software is now available, this very powerful embedded language uses Microsoft® Visual C to provide a standard and easy to write software development platform for embedded applications. Programs can be written and tested in this environment and then loaded onto a wide range of different boards and devices. A wide range of classes are already available for implementing serial interfacing, display devices, ethernet and much more.

This new book is ideal for the beginner wanting to develop applications with this powerful software. The book starts with the basics of the architecture of these devices and then shows how to load and install the software to start writing your applications. Clear step-by-step instructions are provided for installing, deploying and debugging your code. The second part of the book, covers real world interfacing with plenty of examples and code snippets. Basic I/O interfacing is first introduced and then the book moves onto cover serial communication, SD card interfacing, ethernet connections and also web point devices. The third section of the book covers the design and development of your Gadgeteer Product. The new Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer book is perfect for the beginner to get up and running quickly with this powerful development platform.



  • Ideal Starting Point for Developing Applications with this Program
  • Step-by-Step Guide for Installing the Software
  • Examples for Ethernet, SD Cards, Serial Communication and I/O Interfacing
  • Detailed Information on Deploying and Debugging your Program
  • 244 Pages

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