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Fast and Effective Embedded Systems Design - Applying the ARM mbed

by Rob Toulson and Tim Wilmshurst

Great new practical book for applying and developing embedded systems with the ARM mbed platform. Based on the ARM mbed development platform, this book first covers the cpu architecture for the mbed core and and shows how to set-up the programming software. Basic digital I/O and analog I/O is covered with plenty of practical examples and programming in C language. More advanced interfacing techniques for serial communication, controlling LCD's and Digital Signal Processing are developed, with plenty of real world examples. The final chapters cover system design and using the mbed libraries.

This book is ideal as a textbook for courses on ARM microcontrollers and C programming. Each chapter builds on the previous chapters, with plenty of code examples and real world practical applications.



  • Excellent Introduction to C Programming and ARM Architecture
  • Teaches all the Basic Interfacing Techniques
  • Covers Digital and Analog I/O, LCD's and Serial Communication
  • Ideal Texbook for ARM and Embedded Design
  • 380 Pages

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