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Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

by Kevin Shea and Brian Clark Howard

If you are interested in building your own alternative Wind Power System, this book is a must have. The book is great introduction as well as providing detailed information on the design and development of your own wind system. The book starts with the basics, including the theory on Wind Power and if it is suitable for your application. The book then looks at the costs and the design of Wind Turbines. Finally the book covers the choice of a wind system for your location, the selection of the various components required as well as installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of your system. For those starting with their Wind Power System this book is ideal, full of actual real-world practical information and advice. This book will get you up and running quickly, as well as avoiding the most common mistakes in the implementation of this sort of system.



  • Excellent Introduction to Wind Power
  • Detailed Theory on Wind Turbines and Real-World Costing Information
  • Guide to Selection of the Right Parts for your System
  • Instructions on Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of your System
  • 472 Pages - Softcover

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