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Solar Power for Your Home

by David S Findley

This new Solar Power for your Home book, is an excellent starting point for those wishing to convert or complement your Home energy system with Solar Power. The book starts from the basics, with an introduction to the history and types of Solar Energy systems available. The book then looks at easy methods to reduce your energy usage and how to reduce your power bill. The details of setting up a PV system is included together with how to calculate the cells required and the expected cost savings. Finally, this book looks at the future solar technologies and how they will improve energy conversion and storage techniques. Solar Power for your Home is ideal for the beginner just starting out of a Solar Project or wanting to reduce their energu consumption with quick and easy home projects.

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  • Excellent Introduction to the Basics of Solar Energy, the Systems and Options Available
  • How to Set-Up a PV System, The Fundamentals and Costs
  • Calculating Energy Consumption and Energy Savings
  • Future Technologies and Reference Information

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