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Solar House

by Terry Galloway

Solar House - A Guide for the Solar Designer, is ideal for the professional architect or designer, looking to build and implement a low energy usage home. The book covers in detail, site selection and home design for maximum energy savings. A detailed guide for home cooling, heating and hot water systems is covered, looking at the various options available and the ways to calculate energy consumption. Also covered extensively is the cost and potentail savings of a PV system. Detailed calculations are provided with methods to convert this to your actual location and energy charges. Solar House covers in detail the requirements to set-up a Solar House with both improved design and integrated Solar PV system.

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  • Detailed Calculations for System Cost and Potential Savings
  • How to Design and Locate your House for Maximum Energy Savings
  • Cost and Implementation of Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Monitoring and Recording Energy Savings

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