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Silicon Chip Magazine 2017

Silicon Chip November 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPNOV2017


  • Dipole Loudspeaker System
  • Super-7 - single-board AM radio receiver
  • Building a Bass Guitar kit
  • Touch-screen 6GHz+ Frequency Counter, Part 2


Silicon Chip October 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPOCT2017


  • 0.01Hz - 6GHz+ Touchscreen Frequency Meter, Part 1
  • Kelvin - the very clever cricket
  • 3-way Active Crossover for Speakers, Part 2
  • Deluxe Touchscreen eFuse, Part 3
  • El Cheapo Modules Part 10: GPS Receivers


Silicon Chip September 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPSEP2017


  • Fully adjustable, 3-way active loudspeaker crossover
  • Superhet IF Alignment using Direct Digital Synthesis
  • Arduino “ThingSpeak.com” ESP8266 Data Logger
  • Arduino Data Logger, Part 2
  • El Cheapo Modules Part 9: AD9850 DDS Module


Silicon Chip August 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPAUG2017


  • An Arduino Data Logger with GPS
  • Mains Power Supply for Battery Valve Radio Sets
  • El Cheapo Modules: Li-ion & LiPo Chargers
  • Deluxe Touchscreen eFuse, Part 2
  • Building and Calibrating the RapidBrake


Silicon Chip July 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPJUL2017


  • Rapidbrake - giving the guy behind extra stopping time
  • Deluxe Touchscreen eFuse, Part 1
  • VS1053 Arduino Audio Playback Shield
  • 10-Octave Stereo Graphic Equaliser, Part 2


Silicon Chip June 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPJUN2017


  • 10-Octave Stereo Graphic Equaliser
  • Arduino-based Digital Inductance & Capacitance Meter
  • El Cheapo Modules, Part 7: LED Matrix Displays
  • New Marine Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Unit, Part 2


Silicon Chip May 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPMAY2017


  • New Marine Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Unit
  • The Microbridge: Universal PIC32 Programmer Plus
  • Turn your 10MHz Counter into a 6GHz+ Counter
  • Micromite BackPack V2 with touch-screen and USB


Silicon Chip April 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPAPR2017


  • New Spring Reverberation Unit
  • The eFuse: never replace another blown fuse
  • A Digital LCD Audio Scope, for less than $40
  • Micromite BackPack Touchscreen DDS Signal Generator


Silicon Chip March 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPMAR2017


  • Pool Lap Counter
  • The Stationmaster: PWM Train Control
  • New SC200 Audio Amplifier, Part 3
  • Giving the Ultrasonic Theremin a Volume Control


Silicon Chip February 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPFEB2017


  • GPS Synchronised Analog Clock Driver
  • Ultra-low-voltage Versatile LED Flasher
  • High Power DC Motor Speed Control, Part 2
  • New SC200 Audio Amplifier, Part 2


Silicon Chip January 2017

Part Code: SILCHIPJAN2017


  • New SC200 Audio Amplifier
  • High Power DC Motor Speed Control
  • Programming the ATtiny85 with an Arduino
  • Giving the Ultrasonic Theremin a Volume Control