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Shock Sensor

Shock Sensor

Ideal for measuring shock and vibration, this easy to mount solid plastic construction shock sensor is ideal for a wide range of applications and experiments. This unit has high sensitivity, is very stable and is suitable for long life in the most rugged of environments. The unit has 2 mounting holes for easy fixing and can be mounted on mobile devices to measure vibration.

The unit is ideal for use with alarm systems as a tilt or anti-theft device. Can also detect tampering or vehicle motion. The unit can be driven with an AC waveform and the output is linearly proportional to the acceleration of the impact.



  • Output Voltage - 40mV/G
  • Capacitance - 12,000pF
  • Measures - 20g to 1,000g impact
  • Temperature Range - -20°C to +70°C
  • Dimensions - 24mm Diameter, Height 4.5mm
  • Mounting Holes - 29mm apart

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