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PCF8583 Real-Time Clock Mini Board

Our PCF8583 Real-Time Clock Mini Board is the ideal solution to add a real-time clock or counter to your project. The board comes complete with the PCF8583 Real-Time Clock IC from NXP, which can also be used as a counter.

This board also includes all the necessary support components, including a back-up battery to retain the clock running even when power is disconnected. A standard 32.768khz crystal is installed on the board, together with I²C bus pull-up resistors. The unit can be switched using a jumper on the board between the clock and counter function. A pushbutton is also included for counter input. The board connects to a standard I²C bus for data transfer and control.

This great, compact Real-Time Counter Mini-Board is a quick and inexpensive solution to adding a real-time clock to your embedded system.

Part Code: MINIPCF8583


  • Includes NXP PCF8583 Real-Time Clock
  • Battery Back-Up Included
  • Connects to Standard I²C Bus
  • Selectable Counter Function
  • Standard Male and Female Headers Included for Easy Connection
  • Suitable for use with Arduino Boards and Most Microcontrollers
  • Board Dimensions: 45 x 55 mm

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