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Green Lighting

by Brian Clark Howard, William J. Brinsky and Seth Leitman

Lighting makes up a considerable part of most power bills, this new book covers the basics on how to reduce the energy consumption of homes and offices, by using energy efficient lights and fixtures. The new lighting technologies are covered including LED Lights, Compact Flourescent Lighting and how to use Natural Lighting to reduce costs. The book also covers how to calculate the costs involved and the payback period for using different technologies. This Green Lighting book is ideal for those planning a new home or renovating an existing structure.

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  • Covers the Currently Available Types of Lighting, Their Benefits and Costs
  • Introduces the Basics of Energy Ratings and Light Output
  • Looks at Future Lighting Trends and Solar Lighting
  • Also Covers Lighting Fixtures and Best Practices for Outdoor Lighting

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