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Gesture Modules

Gesture Sensor Module

Gesture Sensor Module

Fantastic new Gesture Sensor Module based on the APDS-9960 sensor with light, color, proximity and gesture sensing. Turn on devices with a simple swipe of your hand. The unit monitors movement in 4 directions and is easy to interface to, with a standard I2C interface. Connects to 3.3V microcontrollers or boards. For 5V systems, use a 3.3V/5V Level Shifter to convert the signals to suit an Arduino® Uno board.



  • 6 Pin Header (3 Digital Input/Output and 3 Power Connections)
  • 3.3V Operating Voltage
  • Standard I2C Digital Interface
  • Detection Range 10 - 20cm
  • Uses APDS-9960 Digital RGB, Light and Gesture Sensor
  • Dimensions: 20mm Length, 16mm Wide, 3mm Height