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How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

by Michael Jay Geier

Our Bestselling Service Book, this book is ideal for the electronics enthusiast to learn how to make basic repairs to faulty electronic equipment including Disc Players, Audio Amplifiers and Power Supplies. The book begins with the tools you will need to start your repair work and then further explains how to use these to identify and repair the faults. The book then explains about the various components and the typical faults with these parts. The various electronic equipment is then discussed with the common problems explained and how to repair these. This book is ideal for the technician or hobbyist wanting to repair common electronic equipment.



  • Introduction to Test Equipment and Service Tools
  • Teaches How to Use Test Equipment
  • Covers a Wide Range of Electronic Equipment and Typical Faults
  • Detailed Explanation of Basic Components and Their Construction
  • 316 Pages

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