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Silicon Chip August 2016

Silicon Chip - August 2016

In the August issue of Silicon Chip Magazine, build a Touchscreen Controlled Energy Meter. This highly intelligent unit, is ideal for monitoring and determining the cost of running your appliances. The unit features a full color touchscreen display, showing the mains voltage, current, real power, VA, kilowatt-hours and running cost. The unit also allows for different peak charges, including shoulder and off-peak rates. The display even includes a graph showing the power over time. The data can also be downloaded to your PC for a permanent record and further analysis. The unit is based on the Micromite LCD BackPack unit and requires just a few additional parts for the monitoring circuit.

Also this month, build a 8-Digit Auto-Ranging Frequency Meter for hobbyists and technicians. This compact unit can measure up to 55Mhz with a 8-Digit reading and excellent accuracy. The unit is fully auto-ranging and offers a 1Mω input impedance. There is also provision for an external 1000:1 prescaler, as well as three different resolution modes.

This month also includes the Explore 64 Module, based on the popular Micromite Module, this new unit comes with faster speed, more RAM, more Program Memory, more I/O pins and support for USB together with touchscreen displays. The module has a built-in BASIC interpreter with a 512K flash memory and 128k of RAM. Programs can be downloaded and edited using a standard USB connection. All projects come complete with circuit diagram and electronic parts list.

In this month’s articles, a look at Personal Flight Vehicles, these strap on jet packs are seeing a lot of new development and a wide range of applications. This article looks firstly at the theory and development of the technology, as well as a quick look at the different products currently available. Also this month, a review of the Tecsun’s S-2000 Multiband Radio, this high performance short-wave radio covers a wide range of frequency bands and is loaded with features.

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  • Personal Flight Vehicles
  • Review: Tescun's S-2000 Multiband Radio


  • Touchscreen-Controlled Energy Meter
  • Compact 8-Digit Auto-Ranging Frequency Meter
  • Micromite Plus & The Explore 64 Module
  • Add a 7-inch Touchscreen to your Raspberry Pi